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Career Info

We are pleased to share the following excerpt from material developed by the American Dental Society and the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

What Can a Career in Dental Laboratory Technology Offer You?

  • Flexible Career Options
  • Team Member
  • Creativity
  • High Demand
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Exciting New Technologies

What Does a Dental Laboratory Technician (DLT) do?

  • Creates replacements for natural teeth
  • Uses artistic talent and "high tech" methods in creating customized, hand-crafted
    dental restorations made from gold, chrome, alloys and ceramics
  • Provides a valued health care service by working with a dentist to improve a patient's
    appearance and health

Where Do Dental Laboratory Technicians Work?

  • Commercial dental laboratories
  • Laboratory owners/operators
  • Dental offices, dental schools, hospitals, military facilities
  • Dental manufacturers and suppliers

How Much Training Is Needed?

  • College level education is encouraged, but careers can begin without college level
    courses through on-the-job-training in dental laboratories or dental offices
  • Some DLT's receive training through two year accredited programs
  • There are approximately 24 ADA accredited dental technology education programs in
    community colleges, technical colleges and dental schools in U.S.

What Are Future Opportunities?

  • Currently there is a great demand for dental laboratory technicians
  • Owning your own business (laboratory owner) is often an option
  • Dental laboratory technology offers excellent career opportunities for nontraditional
    students and those seeking a career change or reentry and individuals from culturally
    diverse backgrounds
  • Earning potential depends on demonstrated skill, specific responsibilities, geographic
    location and other factors


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